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Poetry Out Loud

On 9th February, 34 students from years 5 – 8 performed at this year’s contest Poetry Out Loud. Teachers and students had worked on various poems during their lessons. Each student then learned their favourite text by heart and presented it in an English lesson. The best performers were chosen to represent their class in the assembly hall and recited the poems in front of a big audience.

We are proud of all participants! Excellent performances and a cheering crowd are proof of a successful contest.

Warmest thanks to our jury: Wanda, Jan and Korla (year 10)  and Celina, Maja and Hilzbjeta. (year 11)

Congratulations to:

Year 5:   1st place: Florian H .   –    2nd place: Matilda N.    –   3rd place: Celina H.
Year 6:   1st place: Josef H.       –    2nd  place: Milosch N.      –    3rd place: Yven H.
Year 7:   1st place: Kito M.        –    2nd  place: Helena M.     –      3rd place: Lubina K.
Year 8:   1st place: Magdalena W.  –  2nd place: Dionys K.   –  3rd place: Anastasia R.



Poetry Out Loud 1

Poetry Out Loud 2

Poetry Out Loud 3

Poetry Out Loud 4